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PHASE 2  |  2024-2026

​1. We will recruit 120 dyads per site. Each dyad will include a person who is 45 years and older who will complete the  cognitive assessments/toolkit and their caregiver or study partner, who is aged 18 and older.

  • From all the participants completing the cognitive assessments half will be cognitively healthy and the other half will have cognitive impairments ranging from mild cognitive impairment to moderate dementia.

  • Each dyad will complete a series of tools and assessments, be interviewed on their experience and comfort during assessment, and meet with a study nurse to complete a medical evaluation.

  • The AMICA tool will be completed by each dyads a total of 3 times at 3 different dates:

                        a) When they start the study (baseline).
                        b) 2 weeks after the baseline assessment.
                        c) 9 months after the baseline assessment.

  • A standard cognitive assessment will be completed a total of 2 times:

                        a) Within 1 week of completing the baseline assessment of the AMICA tools.
                        b) 9 months after the baseline assessment.

  • The medical evaluation will include a clinical interview, review of medical history, any recent lab findings and medications, as well as brief neurological and physical examinations.

2. A group of dementia experts will review all the information collected and determine if the AMICA tools measure what they are supposed to.

AMICA Phase 2  graphic .png
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